Lakers Rumors: L.A. Wise Not to Seek Pau Gasol Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a win-win scenario in standing pat on power forward Pau Gasol, and their patience is bound to be rewarded no matter what the ultimate fate of the four-time All-Star is.

As reported by Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, Gasol has struggled to adapt to the new up-tempo "Seven Seconds or Less" offense of new head coach Mike D'Antoni. That has resulted in declining stats for Gasol, who discussed the adjustments and analogized how he was trying to still be a viable contributor to the Lakers' NBA championship hopes:

As a professional, you adjust to a different position in your company and try to do your best so the company still finds you a valuable asset and the company still performs as well as it did before.

Gasol hasn't proven to be as valuable of an asset as he has been in the past—particularly in Phil Jackson's triangle offense—as he is averaging career lows in points per game (13.1) and field goal percentage (.423).

But it would be a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to dump Gasol this early on in the 2012-13 season. It's far too premature to label the 32-year-old as "past his prime" or a total misfit for the current D'Antoni scheme.

If the objective is indeed to win a title, Gasol has plenty of experience doing that. He has been in LA to snag two championship rings—and has played exceptionally well during those runs.

Newly acquired point guard Steve Nash has yet to play one game under his former head coach, and his pick-and-roll style should translate very well for Gasol and give him many wide-open looks. That should only enhance his lackluster shooting percentage and help him assimilate into the offense better.

This starting five of Nash, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Gasol and superstar center Dwight Howard looks incredible on paper, but there's been barely any time for it to mesh.

There has been zero time under D'Antoni, y...

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