Lakers Rumors: Don’t Expect Dwight Howard to Shun LA After One Season

Dwight Howard has the ability to bolt from the Los Angeles Lakers after only one season in Hollywood…but it would take the most gigantic of meltdowns for this to actually happen.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reminds us that there are already teams ready to snatch up the best center in the league if Howard sours on the Lakers when he has the ability to sign with a new team next summer:

If L.A. does not work out for Dwight, says source briefed on his thinking, he knows "Dallas will be there for him." Mavs will have cap space

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) August 10, 2012  

He’ll be getting courted by plenty of teams, but the cards are now heavily stacked in LA’s favor.

He has spent the summer rehabbing his back injury in Beverly Hills, and has gotten a first-hand look at the LA “scene”. When I say scene, I’m taking about the beautiful weather, beaches, loads of pretty women, Hollywood opportunities and arguably the most iconic team in professional basketball.

“The Sports Guy” Bill Simmons of Grantland is convinced it was the main reason he allowed this trade to happen, and when you factor in his surroundings it’s hard to argue.

Obviously playing with a playmaker like Steve Nash must have influenced his decision, and having Pau Gasol around to help rebound and stretch the defense is quite the luxury.

The obstacle will be Kobe Bryant.

The hyper-competitive guard hasn’t always been the greatest teammate, and his volume shooting tendencies will certainly annoy Howard at one time or another. He isn’t the greatest leader, but you have to do what he says. It’s a culture he has cultivated over the years and Howard isn’t going to change it.

Howard will have to adjust to this truth, but that doesn’t mean he won’t eventually get comfortable. He ...

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