Lakers Rumors: Assessing Los Angeles’ Options for No. 2 Overall Pick

The Los Angeles Lakers were a big lottery winner when they moved up to the No. 2 pick in the 2015 NBA draft. Now the question is what will happen with this valuable spot.  

After finishing with a 21-61 record, it's clear the franchise needs a lot of help at just about every position on the floor. Even if Kobe Bryant returns to full health, the squads must focus on rebuilding for the future with an infusion of young talent.

The upcoming draft is as important to the organization as any in recent memory, so the front office better make the right decision. Here is a breakdown of the top options for Los Angeles heading into Thursday night.


Best Big Man Available

For months, the top of the draft has been a debate between centers Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor. It was assumed whoever wasn't taken with the first pick would be an easy call at No. 2.

While there are other options, this remains the most likely scenario for the Lakers. With the Minnesota Timberwolves seemingly set to take Towns at No. 1, ESPN's Chad Ford recently reported Okafor was the most likely option:

He added the Lakers would prefer Towns but would be happy with either center:

There are certainly weaknesses in Okafor's game. He is a poor free-throw shooter who hasn't proven himself as a great defender. Additionally, he was limited at times by bigger defenders, similar to what he will see at the next level.

Despite all of these problems, the former Duke star is the most pro-ready big man the league has seen in years. He is an elite low-post scorer, and the Lakers would love to bring in an immediate contributor like this one.


D'Angelo Russell

Although he is considered by many to be a tier below the first two players, D'Angelo Russell is still arguably the top guard in the draft. 

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