Lakers Rumors: Antawn Jamison Would Be Perfect Fit in Los Angeles

There is one guy left in free agency who could help the Los Angeles Lakers win an NBA title. 

His name is Antawn Jamison. 

According to Dave McMenamin of, the Lakers are interested in adding Jamison.  

Here are three reasons why Jamison would be a perfect fit in Los Angeles.


Scoring Production

Los Angeles was No. 15 in points per game this past season. If Kobe Bryant wasn't scoring his normal 28 points per game, the Lakers were going to struggle offensively.

Jamison has averaged 19.5 points per game in his career including 17 per game last season on a terrible Cleveland Cavaliers team.


Jamison is a Viable Sixth Man Option

Remember when people were upset about Lamar Odom leaving Los Angeles? How the Lakers trading their sixth man, one of the best in the league, wasn't right? 

That trade had a lasting impact on the Lakers this past season because he was a guy who could get you 14 points and eight rebounds every night.

Jamison is a guy (with consistent minutes) who is capable of getting you 15 to 18 points and six rebounds per game if he starts.

On the Lakers, his minutes would be decreased, but he could still rack up 12 points and five rebounds per game.

Los Angeles could find its replacement for Odom—the first one off the bench.


Creating Space

Another weapon on the floor who can shoot from the perimeter and mid-range will open up space for Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Jamison is a career 34.6 percent three-point shooter, and people around the league respect his offensive game.

They wouldn't leave him wide open while Bynum had the ball in the post. Bynum, Gasol and even Bryant on the block would have much more success with Jamison floating around the pe...

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