Lakers Rumors: Analyzing Draft Plans and More Ahead of All-Star Break

The debate as to whether "tanking" exists in the NBA is a good one and perhaps no better personified than by one of the league's most historic franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers—a team that will be lucky to sniff the 20-win mark.

With the All-Star Game on approach, the Lakers boast all of 13 wins.  A current streak of 11 road losses is a franchise record.

The plan is increasingly difficult to figure out. Injuries have hurt, sure. Hopefuls would like a move or two at the trade deadline, but it's not as if the coaching staff has done much to help tradeable assets actually look like that on the court.

Things are so dire that even legends are close to turning a cold shoulder:

The light at the end of the tunnel will continue to be the draft and free agency, though, if not a miracle move at the deadline. Thanks to the staff's erratic behavior, the latest batch of rumblings follows suit.


Wishful Deadline Thinking

It is no secret the Lakers do not have a ton to offer via trade. Again, the staff's strange usage of Jeremy Lin and others will not do much to change the minds of potential trade partners, either. 

Regardless, the Lakers are a hot topic at the deadline, as it would behoove the front office to at least make a move to free up more cap space in future years.

Interestingly enough, one of the more underrated nuggets to come out as of late comes from Sean Deveney of Sporting News and suggests the team is one of many with an interest in Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson:

"Gibson has been connected to much of the league the past few months, from Los Angeles to Toronto to Phoenix to Detroit to Portland."

This seemed only a matter of time, really, as Gibson is perhaps the most mentioned player in whispers as the deadline nears.

Gibson is now 29 years old and perhaps the lone trade...

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