Lakers Rumors: Analyzing Buzz on Kevin Love’s Potential Free Agency

Seemingly ever since Kevin Love arrived in Cleveland, a hint of uncertainty has surrounded his future with the Cleveland Cavaliers. ESPN's Brian Windhorst recently cast even further doubt regarding Love's potential return to the Cavs.

Windhorst was a guest on the The Lowe Post podcast with Grantland's Zach Lowe. During the appearance, he mentioned that many NBA insiders feel Love's time with the Cavaliers is drawing to a close and that the Los Angeles Lakers may be in play for the three-time All-Star, via RealGM:

"Every executive I talk to, every agent I talk to, every quasi insider, every girlfriend's cousin's sister's boyfriend all says this guy is out of there," said Brian Windhorst during a podcast with Zach Lowe.

"I hear the same thing from everybody," said Lowe. "From everyone that is two or three or four steps removed. I don't quite believe all of that ... Part of what's going on there is the Lakers' boogeyman. They don't just say he's out of there, they say 'He's going to the Lakers.' That has much to do with the fear people have of the Lakers as it does with Kevin Love."

Last month, Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding discussed the idea of Love going to LA:

It's almost a foregone conclusion at this point that Love will exercise the early termination option clause in his contract. There's almost no reason for him not to since he'd be one of the most prized free agents on the market this summer.

As soon as Cleveland acquired Love, all parties involved have attempted to eliminate any talk that Love would bolt the Cavaliers after a year.

"Cleveland is making the deal with Minnesota with a firm agreement Love will opt out of his contract in 2015 and re-sign with the Cavaliers on a five-year, $120 million-plus contract extension," wrote Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski in August.

In February, Love didn't even entertain the idea that he'd sign with the...

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