Lakers News: Rounding Up Trade Buzz on Nick Young, Kevin Seraphin and More

So far, the Los Angeles Lakers have not lived up to expectations this offseason.

Then again, when expectations for a legendary rebuilding franchise focus on going nuts and trading for DeMarcus Cousins or somehow bringing LaMarcus Aldridge to town, this shouldn't be a major surprise.

It is clear the Lakers have a plan in place, though. The addition of Lou Williams was a good one, and one can see the outline of a core starting to form. Here's a look at the latest, because everyone should know the Lakers are far from done.


Brendan Haywood Latest

The Lakers remain one of the most obvious destinations for Cleveland Cavaliers big man Brendan Haywood.

Everyone knows the Lakers want as much free space as possible to gun for the big names next offseason. Haywood could play a vital role in such a strategy thanks to his contract, but only if the Lakers can convince the Cavaliers to trade him. 

It seems general manager Mitch Kupchak and Co. are trying, per Sam Amico of Fox Sports:

Here is the deal with Haywood: He's due $10.5 million, per Spotrac, but if a team waives him by August 1, it doesn't pay him a penny. It's an odd, non-guaranteed contract in a land of guaranteed contracts, which is what makes it so valuable.

The Lakers could match Haywood's salary in a move, then cut him to open up north of $10 million in space. All that remains is convincing the Cavaliers they have something worth trading for and giving up the rare contract.


Entering the Kevin Seraphin Sweepstakes?

If the Lakers want to improve depth underneath the basket, few better ways to do it exist than to add a 25-year-old center with sound upside.

This refers to Kevin Seraphin. He isn't a household name by any means, but for the purposes of depth behind Roy Hibbert, he makes sense in Los Angeles...

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