Lakers News: Latest Intel from LA’s Tumultuous Offseason

Suffice it to say the Los Angeles Lakers have had better offseasons. In fact, it's probably fair to place this among the franchise's worst summer months in history.

Dwight Howard leaving $30 million on the table to become a Houston Rocket is obviously chief on that list. By jettisoning Los Angeles, he's the first real superstar ever to do so—unless you want to count A.C. Green, which I do not. Howard's move signified a changing of the garb in Los Angeles and a shift in the way Lakers are viewed superficially, which will probably leave the team fighting desperately for the eight seed.

At the very least, it seems the Lakers have acknowledged next season will be a transitionary pilgrimage. ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein are already reporting the Lakers are having LeBron dreams and Carmelo thoughts for next offseason, hoping to bring two of the game's best forwards to Los Angeles to pair with Kobe Bryant.

That's all well and good. Plenty of teams plan to make free-agent splashes—just look at Mark Cuban's miserable Dallas Mavericks situation. The Lakers are obviously a different case and present, arguably, the greatest legacy among NBA franchises. They will probably land a superstar within the next calendar year, mainly because that's how league history tells us that's how things work.

For now? Welcome to the Chris Kaman and Nick Young era. The Lakers have been fast at work on the market to prove they aren't tanking the 2013-14 season, but it's still left LakerLand longing for some positive news to trickle out from the offseason doldrums.

How about a superstar player openly saying he'd be willing to play in Los Angeles? And a Kobe Bryant injury update while we're at it?

Here is a look at the latest news from Los Angeles. 


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