Lakers News: Latest Info on Kobe Bryant’s Recovery, LeBron James in LA and More

The Los Angeles Lakers are having one of the most interesting and exciting—although not particularly fruitful—offseasons in the league.

It’s been a non-stop whirlwind of free-agency defections and additions, amnesty clauses, injury rehabilitation, rumors and much more.

Let’s take a look at the latest news and more concerning the Purple and Gold in Wednesday’s Lakers roundup.


Kobe Bryant On the Mend

Despite the responsibilities that come along with the rehabilitation of an Achilles injury, the Black Mamba has been increasing his exposure by touring Asia and the Pacific this offseason.

While many players would rest on their laurels and relax on their summer vacation in various foreign countries, Bryant has instead decided to take a training staff with him and pull double-duty by paying equal attention to his legion of fans and recovering in time for the 2013-14 campaign.

According to Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times, Bryant has told reporters that he “shattered” the timetable for a normal return from a torn Achilles tendon and has trainers following him “everywhere,” including family vacations and business trips.

This is great news for Lakers fans, as they recently learned that their team would have 29 national television appearances during the upcoming season.

If Bryant isn’t able to get on the floor, the club figures to be in trouble and will have to endure a dismal season in the spotlight. However, as long as the Mamba is back and healthy, anything is possible.


LeBron James Not Talking About Free Agency

After winning back-to-back championships and going to three straight NBA Finals with the Miami Heat, it’s a bit understandable that King James isn’t talking about his impending opportunity to jump ...

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