Lakers News: Latest Buzz on Los Angeles’ Pursuit of Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau

After a 27-55 season and the announcement that head coach Mike D'Antoni will remove himself from the post, the Los Angeles Lakers are applying a full-court press to the coaching search.

The search extends in many directions, including the collegiate level, current players and even coaches currently under contract with other teams—namely Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau.

Thibodeau's Bulls were bounced from the postseason in five games by the Washington Wizards, so it's kind of-sort of not a surprise his name is coming up in the Lakers' search.

This story won't go away any time soon. Here's the latest.


Kobe Bryant's 'Wish' is Tom Thibodeau...

Thank Kobe Bryant for this one.

Well, allegedly. Possibly. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Bryant has a few preferences for who takes over next, but above all he "wishes" for Thibodeau:

The Lakers have lost talent, lost stability, lost what separates winning and losing franchises. Bryant won't pick the next coach, the way he had no input into Mike Brown and little into D'Antoni. Bryant will wish for Tom Thibodeau to free himself from Chicago. He loves Jeff Van Gundy, and shares management's affinity for Euro legend Ettore Messina, who spent a season on Mike Brown's staff.

This isn't from Bryant's mouth directly, but one has to presume it has legs if Wojnarowski is willing to run with it. Other options seem more realistic in the present tense, but anything can happen as the offseason progresses and there are early signs things may move in the direction Bryant so desires.


Which May Come True...Or Not

To best understand why Thibodeau could be on the move to Los Angeles, two important nuggets of info must first be consumed.

One, Thibodeau and the front office were sure to disagree over the trade of Lu...

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