Lakers News: LA Needs More Than Positivity to Turn Season Around

Dwight Howard wants positivity in Los Angeles.

Does anyone else think this is just absolutely, ridiculously hilarious?

According to ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin, Howard wants the negativity to stop surrounding the 18-25 Lakers.

Negativity just got to stop. I'm sick of hearing about it. I'm sick of hearing about all the negative stuff. It's a big problem. Negativity is just not good. We got to bring some positivity to this situation, to everybody.

If positivity is going to magically surround the Lakers, it needs to be Howard leading the wizardly charge.

Since joining the Lakers, Howard has been nothing but a negative thorn in the side of Hollywood.

From complaining about his offensive production against the Chicago Bulls (h/t Los Angeles Times) to his reportedly rocky relationship with Kobe Bryant (via New York Daily News), Howard has been the epitome of negativity.

If Los Angeles is going to turn the season around—which at this point is basically a lost cause—it needs a lot more than positivity.

It needs to learn to play defense in a Mike D'Antoni-based system.

It needs to utilize Pau Gasol to his full potential.

It needs more cohesion on offense between Steve Nash, Howard and Bryant.

Howard would certainly be setting an example if he could change his ways and suddenly become a positive aspect of the Lakers organization, but the odds of that happening are about as good as L.A. winning an NBA Championship this year.

At this point, it's too little too late for the positive vibes to overtake the Lakers.

Perhaps Dwight should have taken this initiative months ago before the walls started crumbling in the Staples Center.


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