Lakers News: Kobe Bryant’s Season-Opener Uncertainty a Blessing in Disguise

During a recent interview with Time Out Dubai, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant opened up on his return from Achilles tendon surgery. In the course of the conversation, Bryant was inevitably asked about whether or not he would be able to play during Los Angeles' season-opener.

While many have responded to Bryant's unnerving uncertainty with signs of panic, his up-in-the-air status is actually a blessing in disguise for the Lakers.

The Lakers open the 2013-14 NBA regular season on Tuesday, Oct. 29 against the Los Angeles Clippers. Should Bryant manage to return for that game, his recovery from an Achilles tendon tear would last exactly 200 days—an absurd number for a 35-year-old who suffered a career-threatening injury.

Bryant told Time Out Dubai that he's ahead of schedule, and may do the unthinkable, but he currently doesn't know when he'll return.

I’m feeling pretty good—stronger than I was. I’m ahead of (my recovery) schedule. I don’t know (whether) that means I’ll start the season—I hope so.

Bryant has maintained that stance throughout the offseason.

Admittedly, there's no question that the Lakers would be contending for the No. 8 seed if they went through the season without Kobe. People can scoff at the lack of ability L.A. possesses, but they do have Steve Nash running point and Pau Gasol down low, and both men have reached the playoffs with less support than this.

Kobe's potential absence simply creates the opportunity for one of those two potential Hall of Fame players to receive the necessary reps to earn more touches.


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