Lakers News: Elias Harris’ Continual Improvement Great Sign for L.A. Bench

The Los Angeles Lakers just might have found a real diamond in the rough with undrafted free agent signing Elias Harris. 

At 6'8" 240 pounds, the forward is a unique physical specimen that has the potential to become a crucial part of the Lakers' rotation next season. Speaking with Mark Trudell of, the Lakers player development coach Mark Madsen was quick to heap praise on the Lakers surprise summer edition:

Elias had a great summer league. His versatility is the thing you notice right away, because he can play the two, the three or the four. He came in with a pretty developed perimeter game conducive to the NBA, and is working on adding more and more.

That much of Madsen's interview we already knew. Anyone that watched the forward put up 10.2 points and 5.6 rebounds per game in the summer league saw the impressive skill set he'll be bringing to the Lakers' bench this season. 

What's most impressive, however, is the dedication to learn and grow as a player that Madsen went on to describe to Trudell:

We see Elias almost every day, and he's taking all the nuances of what (assistant coach) Dan D'Antoni is teaching him, focusing on making his shot a more balanced and consistent shot. His driving game is something he's spending a lot of time with (player development coach) Larry Lewis on, taking all the materials Larry's giving him and implementing them into his game.

While Harris may have went undrafted, it's this kind of dedication to improving his game that will allow him to make a bigger impact than many first-round draft picks this year. 

Well, that, and the opportunity that he's sure to have with the Lakers. While many rookies will have to deal with plenty of competition for minutes, Harris is fortunate enough to join a team that didn't have much depth at his position to begin with. 

As a player that can play either the small ...

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