Lakers News: Dwight Howard Leaving Would Be Ideal for L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers are bad. 

How can it be? 

Last summer they picked up Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Nope. That's it. They didn't lose any major parts of the team. They kept Kobe and Pau, and added one of the best point guards in recent history and one of the most dominant centers in the NBA. 

Now the Lakers sit at 17-25 at third place in the Pacific Division and aren't doing much of anything. They brought Dwight Howard in to step up their defense and give their offense a huge boost. Instead, the Lakers allow over 100 points per game and are playing awful basketball.

Now the big word on the street is that the Lakers might get rid of their franchise savior Dwight Howard. That couldn't possibly be a good idea, right? 


The Lakers were obviously handling their business pretty well last season without Howard. The Lakers need to get rid of Howard while they can still get something in return. The February 21 trade deadline is quickly approaching. If the Lakers can't get a deal done before then, Howard will become an unrestricted free agent. 

The Lakers should deal Howard when they have a chance. It's obviously not working out in L.A., but Dwight is still a great player. Other teams in the NBA would love to bring in a guy like Howard. The Lakers need to go out and find other pieces to add to this team as they prepare for life after Kobe. 

Whether you like Dwight or not, it's not working in L.A. He's had injury issues, and even when he's healthy, he's just not in sync with the rest of the team. Howard should move on and find a place where he really fits, and the Lakers should go after players who fit with their team, not players who cost the most. 

It looked like the Lakers were going to run the NBA this year—they didn't. The experiment didn't work out. L.A. needs to make a few moves, regroup and get back on...

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