Lakers News: Breaking Down Latest Kobe Bryant Details and Nick Young’s Struggles

It is that type of downtrodden season in Los Angeles when what constitutes news is how tired Kobe Bryant is and whether or not players slack in practice.

At 12-26, the Lakers might want to show some fight before their number of games below .500 flirts with Bryant's age (36).

Not that any of this is a surprise. Mitch Kupchak and the front office took a fresh approach for the franchise this year: rebuilding—like any normal team does.

The staff has its eyes set on the next batch of free agents and beyond while nurturing somewhat of a young core.

In the meantime, the world gets to watch just how bad it can get as coach Bryon Scott grinds down an aging Bryant and a young core learns to play together.


Kobe Update Watch

Bryant is on a hiatus. From what simply boils down to, well, Father Time.

No big deal, right? Even the unflappable Tim Duncan takes off regular-season games. The difference, of course, being that his San Antonio Spurs qualify for the postseason in the process and he comes out fresh.

Bryant, creaky knees and all, not so much.

There is a glimmer of hope in Los Angeles that things will get back to normal soon, as the Lakers noted on Twitter that Bryant might make his return against the Miami Heat on Tuesday:

Of course, the end game is not some push to get back to .500. It is not even a push to help along the rest of the roster. Rather, it appears to be a hope that Bryant can then suit up two days later against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on a Thursday showcase.

Normal is what the Lakers need, though. Those aforementioned creaky knees still demand double teams and respect. 

As Paul Pierce recently penned in The Players' Tribune, Bryant still has something very dangerous—his mind:

Kobe has the mentality of a basketball seria...

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