Lakers News: Analyzing Kobe Bryant’s Plans, Jeremy Lin’s Situation and More

To those faithful to the Los Angeles Lakers: This is what rock bottom feels like. 

Enjoy it. This builds character, and nobody from here on out can cry "bandwagon."

Besides, it only gets better from here. The team will hit next year's draft with a top-five pick, and in each of the next two offseasons high-profile names will join on in free agency because, at the end of the day, Los Angeles is still Los Angeles.

Just tough it out through the second half of this season, when the biggest news items will be far-fetched "what ifs," another Kobe Bryant rehab and incessant chatter about Jeremy Lin's future.

It's a character-building exercise, folks. Puff that chest out and charge straight ahead into the abyss.


Jeremy Lin's Take

The Jeremy Lin experiment in Los Angeles never really got off the ground. 

There was a small hope that Lin would seize the moment with Steve Nash out of the picture. He's shown flashes in the past that suggested he would be a good facilitator in the Lakers lineup but instead averages 10.2/4.6/2.4 on 25.5 minutes per game.

Thanks to an expiring contract worth $8.4 million per Spotrac and the borderline guarantee that he will not be back with the team next year, Lin's name is one of those whispered loudest in the rumor mill.

For his part, Lin does not focus on the rumors, as he told Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News (via the Press-Telegram):

“I’ve been in cut rumors and trade rumors for a long time. So I’m not worried about it.” Lin said. “It’s just my [Christian] faith. God uses everything for good. That gives me the comfort I need.”

Lin also goes on to explain that his fit with the Lakers is still a work in progress as he adjusts to a new system:

“There are times I will think too much and I lose a little bi...

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