Lakers Fans Send Not So Subtle Message Burning Their Dwight Howard Jerseys

Much like Cleveland Cavaliers fans back in 2010, Los Angeles Lakers fans have taken it upon themselves to share their anger with Dwight Howard in the form of burning jerseys.

Lakers fans tweeted out photos of themselves burning Howard's jerseys while most of them rocked Kobe Bryant jerseys of their own (h/t to USA Today's For The Win and Nick Schwartz's original report).

Along with the photos came the endless slew of YouTube videos of Lakers fans sending their memories of Howard away to Valhalla in a symbolic pyre, doing their best to stoke the flames of what is sure to be a future rivalry.

While an isolated few incidents hardly shows the intent of an entire fanbase, it seems obvious that Lakers fans are at the very least unhappy with Howard's decision to declare his intent to sign with the Houston Rockets.

Howard spent just one season with the Lakers after they traded Andrew Bynum to land the big man. The Lakers barely squeaked into the playoffs with Howard on the team.

Of course, the Lakers are already looking down the road as word has arisen that Los Angeles will pursue LeBron James in next summer's free-agency bonanza.

For the time being, Los Angeles fans are going to have to settle for a season in which the team likely tries to get under the luxury-tax line while dealing with an injured Kobe Bryant.

On the plus side, if times do get rough, they have a solid draft class in 2014 to look forward to.

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