Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell-Nick Young Drama All Too Predictable Outcome for Both

LOS ANGELES — It's not surprising to anyone who really knows these Los Angeles Lakers that D'Angelo Russell did something immature and thought he was above getting called on it—or that Nick Young was involved in a juvenile back-and-forth prank that saw his deep-seated celebrity ambitions leading him astray.

It'll be up to Russell and Young whether it's a learning experience for the future or just a colossal embarrassment for today.

As crazy as this whole story regarding Russell, Young and locker room etiquette is, the understandable part is how the main characters are flawed in just the ways for which they are taking falls right now.

Russell recorded Young about three months ago, according to team sources, in what he thought would be part of an atmosphere of ongoing joking between them. It turned into a major Snapchat snafu, sources said, with Russell thinking he could privately post video of Young without his knowledge, talking about women, and take it down without those few people he shared it with recording it—or anyone ever publicizing it.

He—and Young—are learning the hard way how dangerous a game it is to mess around in this social media world with stuff that matters. There can be epic ramifications when the topic matters as much as it does to Young and fiancee Iggy Azalea and matters as much as it does to a public that loves lurid details of athlete missteps.

Russell recently turned 20, and his alpha-male, self-assured personality is a core reason the Lakers believe he can be a strong leader for the organization…someday.

His confidence, skill level and work ethic are all countered for now by playfulness not uncommon for his age and ego that makes him more likely to err on the side of arrogance than carefulness.

The Lakers are not happy that Russell has cast the franchise in this light now—and there are those in ...

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