Lakers Can Still Bounce Back, Don’t Write ‘Em off Just Yet

The Lakers have been less than stellar this season, and it has become evident to all basketball fans across the country.

What used to be the team that ran L.A. has now been run over, leaving many fans and haters alike stunned at the Lakers season thus far.

With a current record of 19-25, the Lakers are certainly not where people predicted them to be. With big names added to the roster such as Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, the Lakers were in the perfect position to be a fierce title contender. It seemed as if everything was falling into place. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Beginning as far back as the preseason, the Lakers showed early signs of struggle. Former head coach Mike Brown faced intense scrutiny as the team continued to underwhelm. Even after Brown’s departure, problems continued to arise. Even head coach Mike D’Antoni could not spark a fire in what seemed to be a defeated team.

Many fans have already written off the Lakers for this year and are already looking forward to next season. Many believe that there is no fixing this team—not this season, anyway.

However, I believe that you can’t count the Lakers out just yet. Despite the challenges and problems that the Lakers do have, and there’s no denying that there are some things that need to be fixed, the Lakers definitely have the time to do it.

There are three critical reasons to believe that the Lakers can still turn their season around.

First and foremost, the Lakers huge and needed victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder Sunday was a statement game. OKC is one of the top teams in the NBA, and the way the Lakers played in beating the Thunder shows resiliency.

What was perhaps the most telling in the victory over OKC was the way the Lakers played as a team. Offensively, it was perhaps the best the Lakers looked all season. Not because of K...

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