Lakers and Kobe Bryant Still Better Off Than Miami and Lebron James Despite Loss

First and foremost, I'm a Lakers fan and I'm ready to blow off some steam with some facts and opinions on the Heat—this will be more of a rant than it will be an article. You have been warned.

The Heat pulled off their so called "must-win" game over LA by pulling away late in the fourth. Bosh showed up and led the Heat in scoring and D-Wade closed the fourth quarter better than the best closer in the game (Kobe Bryant) could. Heat win, 94-88. REJOICE IN MIAMI! THE HEAT ARE BACK! BEWARE EASTERN CONFERENCE! THE HEAT ARE BACK ON TRACK!

Yeah, the Heat beat the best team in the league last night. But didn't they just get beaten by the Bulls (twice), Knicks and Orlando? The Heat are 2-10 vs. the Celtics, Magic, Knicks and Bulls. It only takes two losses to get knocked out of the playoffs. Yes, Miami beat the Lakers twice this year, but you don't need to worry about LA if you can't weather the storm in the East.

Anyway, back to the game and another argument I hear out there: "LEBRON IS BETTER THAN KOBE! KOBE CAN'T BEAT LEBRON HEAD TO HEAD!"

Umm....what exactly did LeBron James do last night that made HIM better than Kobe Bryant? Hell, if anything, last night was a battle of Kobe vs. Wade/Bosh. Wade closed the deal, and outplayed Kobe Bryant down in the stretch.

So what in the world did LeBron James do last night that makes it so hard for Kobe to beat him? Kobe didn't lose to LeBron. The Lakers lost to the Heat. If any individual lost to another individual, it was Kobe losing to Wade.

We live in this era of fantasy leagues, where statistics mean everything and win, lose or draw, the stat panel means everything. LeBron averages a triple double a night, and is on pace to shatter a ton of records. So that makes him the best player the league has ever seen, in the eyes of people that love LeBron James.

On the other hand, Kobe Bryant does things that don't end up on a stat sheet, and that m...

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