LA Lakers Will Not Increase Ticket Prices Next Season

LOS ANGELES — It's not easy being a Los Angeles Lakers fan these days, but here’s a small measure of relief:

The Lakers are not increasing ticket prices next season.

For the 98 percent of fans who like the Lakers’ business operations better than their basketball operations these days, that’s just one more reason to favor Jeanie Buss over Jim Buss.

The reality is that the Lakers have additional business challenges to overcome as long as there is no championship-caliber team on the court (and Jim, Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak have made it look a lot easier than it really is to field such teams over the past 15 years).

For example, when the Lakers sent out season-ticket renewal notices and required replies more than two months earlier than last year, fans immediately wondered if something new and perhaps suspicious was going on because of how poorly the team has played—with the distinct possibility the Lakers won’t be a playoff team next season either.

Then there was the Lakers’ date of the drop-dead renewal deadline: May 19. The NBA draft lottery is May 20, meaning Lakers fans can’t wait to see how high the club’s draft pick will be before deciding to renew.

Via Twitter, I asked one fan upset about the early deadline if he would renew:

The Lakers, for the record, are still offering the latest season-ticket renewal deadline in the NBA—even after moving up their date so dramatically.

The Lakers’ deadline is May 19. By the end of this week that began in March, the deadline will have arrived for 26 of the 29 other NBA teams, including the Lakers’ Staples Center partners, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Two elements were at work in the Lakers moving up their date this year: the league wanting the Lakers to set an earlier deadline to be more in line with the rest of the teams, and the ...

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