LA Lakers Trade Rumors: Which Teams Compete against Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard?

LA Lakers Trade Rumors: Are the Lakers Unbeatable with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard made waves in the NBA the other day when a source close to him said that he is looking to play for the Lakers when he becomes a free agent before the 2012-13 season.

Now people have talked about the possibility of the Magic making a trade right now that would send Howard out West. I highly doubt they would do something like that, but that's the benefit of working at Bleacher Report, we get to speculate about how things would work.

The trade that would bring Howard to LA is the Orlando big man for Andrew Bynum straight up and just so you know, according to NBA Trade Machine on ESPN, the deal does work, and Orlando improves by one game, and the Lakers improve by two games.

But if a deal is made, who could potentially keep up with this monster in the making?

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