LA Lakers Trade Rumors: Shannon Brown and Pau Gasol Are LA’s Best Trade Options

No matter what they say, the Lakers will not be able to overcome the travesty that their fans endured at the close of an already questionable season.

It was a slightly humorous that Andrew Bynum ripped off his jersey as he walked off of the court, signifying something similar to LeBron James as he played his last game as a Cavalier.

No worry Staples Center faithfuls. There is nothing surrounding Bynum that screams and shouts trade–at least not for the 2011-12 seasons.

Shannon Brown, on the other hand, is proving to be more and more of a liability. Brown is responsible for the indiscretions that caused Gasol’s playoff collapse. There is and will never be an excuse for not showing up when your team needs your star effort the most.

The rumors are spinning out of control as the blame shifted from Kobe Bryant’s wife, to Steve Blake’s wife and ultimately landed on Brown’s married doorstep. That still will not be the major reason for a trade involving him from the Los Angeles Lakers.

The potential Brown showed in the D-League was monstrous compared to what he has accomplished this past season as a Lakers player. His jumpshot needs much improvement. His dunks are more explosive than ever but rarely come at a time when his team desperately needs a morale boost.

He has not adjusted to backing up Kobe Bryant at the two spot shooting guard, and fails to make an impact at pivotal moments. He is a forerunner of the youth trend that the Lakers are going to employ in the near future. However, his present skill level won't secure a spot on future rosters.

Speaking statistically, Brown is a bit trigger happy when it comes to the three-point jumper—he only shot 28 percent in the postseason. I suspect he's looking for recognition as more than just a great finisher at the rim.

If you are an excellent dunker and have the ability to follow through even after ta...

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