LA Lakers Trade Rumors: 10 Teams That Would Love To Land Ron Artest

With the trade deadline approaching, the Lakers and Mitch Kupchak are keeping their options open.  This leaves a feeling of uneasiness for the current Lakers, specifically Ron Artest who has a lot of speculation surrounding his current status.

Artest has been with the Lakers since LA acquired him in a trade two seasons ago which sent Trevor Ariza to the Rockets.   Since then, Ron has won a championship with the Lakers and been nothing but a key addition to the Laker family.  

Until now...

Artest is at a career low in points and rebounds, and the Lakers are concerned.  With a lot that's changed in the NBA since a season ago as far as teams getting younger and combining with superstars, Artest's 11-year old career and current contract scare the Lakers a bit.  

If they were to disperse the 32-year-old to another team, who would it be?  Let's take a look at some options for teams that would love to land Ron Ron.  

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