LA Lakers: The Top 5 NBA Free Agents That Can Get Kobe Bryant to the NBA Finals

For the first time in three years, Kobe Bryant was unable to reach the NBA Finals. If this past year's playoff collapse showed us anything, it is that the Lakers are in dire need of some fresh legs.

With a team that has a projected payroll of $95 million in 2011-2012, picking up some bargain free agents may be the best way to get some fresh legs and bring Kobe Bryant back to the Finals. 

As the Dallas Mavericks and Miami heat battle in the NBA finals, the Lakers need to be looking out for their top free agent prospects.  

With fans dreaming of trades involving Dwight Howard and Chris Paul of the Orlando Magic and New Orleans Hornets respectively, the front office of the Lakers needs to be proactive. They cannot afford to wait for these opportunities, because their championship window is closing.

Kobe isn't getting any younger, and neither are Pau Gasol or Derek Fisher. The Lakers need an infusion of youth, and they may just get it through the Free Agent Wire.

So here are the top five free agents that could realistically help the Lakers in the 2012 NBA season. 

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