LA Lakers Rumors: Why Upgrading PG Position with Baron Davis Would Be Smart

The Los Angeles Lakers need a serious upgrade to their backcourt. The Lakers are doing the correct thing by not blowing up this team just because they were embarrassed by the Dallas Mavericks in a sweep in the 2011 Western Conference Semifinals.

However, adding a piece to their championship puzzle is the right thing to do. Point guard Baron Davis should be heavily considered for the Lakers. It would be a smart idea to give Davis the opportunity.

Not only is his role as a Cleveland Cavaliers guard diminishing with the addition to Kyrie Irving, but the Lakers could use a more athletic guard.

Derek Fisher (37 years old) is well past his prime. His points and rebounds have been decreasing in each of the past three seasons. He averaged 9.9 points in 2008-09, 7.5 in 2009-10 and 6.8 points in 2010-11. His production isn’t to be intertwined with his minutes because he increased his minutes this past season.

It’s time for somebody to come in and take charge of the offense. Davis could be the answer to the Lakers' woes.

He is five years younger than Fisher. He has scored more points and assists than Fisher has in the past few years. He would be the better option in the long run. Davis is past his prime as well, but I think he has a few more good seasons if he can land on a quality club.

Fisher could still be a role player coming off the bench. We know he’s going to give intensity, leadership on the court and great championship experience, but his role needs to be diminished heavily. The Lakers can’t afford to have a 37-year-old role playing guard on the court for 28-30 minutes a night. His minutes should be around the 15-20 range. 

Would Lakers head coach Mike Brown be able to get Davis to play the game at a high level? That is the million dollar question. When motivated, Davis has been a top-10 point guard in the NBA. When he isn’t motivated, Davi...

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