LA Lakers Road Trip: Boston Win, Orlando Loss and Looking Ahead to the Playoffs

Well, I was kinda hoping for a little more from the Lakers against the Magic. The first half wasn’t bad, but the second half left a lot to be desired. I wouldn’t say they looked gassed, more like they just kind of lost interest. It’s one of the most maddening things about being a Laker fan. The Lakers are so good, that they have a terrible habit of phoning it in sometimes. 

I live in Los Angeles. The Lakers own this town. Let me repeat. The Lakers own this town. 

And that’s saying something in the land of movie stars and millionaires. But people here like the Lakers because they have historically been such a success. They win. In that, they are a lot like the New York Yankees. Anything less than a championship is a failed season.  Throw your mind back to 2008 and losing in the finals to Boston if you need proof of that.  We can get a little greedy when every night isn’t a W.

So, there’s kind of this nervous undercurrent surrounding this season that wasn’t present last year during the repeat run. As the calendar flips, the pressure amps. We (the fans) all engage in a sort of “was that the game where they flipped the switch?” analysis after each win. 

Let the record state that I do think this past Boston win is just that. I know Boston was banged up, but if you pay attention to this Laker team, you can instantly sense when they are engaged. It was a quality win, followed up by a nice curtain call in Madison Square Garden. 

It was good to see a happy Kobe in the fourth quarter at MSG, game in hand, already getting his knees iced.

By the way, with all the technological advances in sports, improvements like better helmets, shoes, equipment, everything, we’re still in the dark ages with icing? I often wonder if late in the game, some ball boy is dispensed to the concession stand with the following instructions, “Gr...

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