LA Lakers Re-Signing Pau Gasol Is Key to Keeping Kobe Bryant Happy

Pau Gasol makes Kobe Bryant happier. Happier than Dwight Howard, Shaquille O'Neal or Smush Parker ever made him, at least. 

Nearly six years, three finals appearances and two championships have passed since the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Gasol. In that time, many of Kobe's other teammates have come and gone, most notably Superman. Gasol still remains.

According to the Los Angeles Times' Mike Bresnahan, the Spaniard prefers to keep it that way:

It's nice to be here in the last year of my contract. I'd love to continue to play with the Lakers [next year]. We've been through so much together. Mostly amazing moments and some hard moments too.

It's like a relationship. If you're still together, it shows improved strength and consistency and how solid the relationship is. Hopefully we'll see if we can extend it.

Prolonging Gasol's stay in Los Angeles will take some maneuvering. Kobe will have to accept a pay cut. Gasol himself will have to accept a (steep) pay cut. Lady Luck must also be feeling especially kind.

But whatever the Lakers must do, it's worth it. Mike D'Antoni believes Gasol is headed for a career year, per's Mike Trudell, and talented big men are tough to find.

More than that, keeping Gasol in purple and gold is just one of the ways the Lakers can keep their 17-year mainstay happy, something they remain very interested in.


Are the Lakers Really Still Trying to Keep Kobe Happy?

Um, yes. 

Doesn't matter that he's 35 and will be pushing 36 when free agency rolls around. Doesn't matter that he's working his way back from what could be a career-crippling injury. None of that matters; the Lakers are still trying to keep Kobe happy.

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