LA Lakers: Ranking Each of the Team’s Greatest Franchise Players

Is it just me, or have this summer’s headlines been all about contentious debates? 

Whether it’s been about raising the debt ceiling so that our government doesn’t default or wondering if the players and owners in the NBA can decide on just how to carve up the billions of dollars in revenues they seem to enjoy on our behalf, the fact remains that cooler heads have not prevailed, and those debates rage on. 

So let’s try something else: Namely, let’s debate who the top 10 players in Los Angeles Lakers franchise history are. 

It may get just as heated as the conversation that’s attempting to solve this country’s current financial crisis—but it’s far less threatening to our nation’s well-being and may actually be a lot more fun.

This is one of those columns that often gets your blood boiling, causing your hair (what’s left of it) to stand on end. Basketball fans that follow the Lakers with a passion are very opinionated as to which players rank as the best to ever wear the Purple and Gold.

In the 50 years since moving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, the Lakers have produced enough memorable moments and world championships to last a lifetime. 

From Wilt Chamberlain’s remarkable 100-point game against a bunch of small guys back in 1962 to Kobe Bryant’s 81 in just three quarters against the Raptors in 2006, Lakers lore has only grown deeper.

I’ll say that it’s not easy to come up with a top 10 because so many great players have come through Los Angeles that you could easily make a case for an elite group of 20 who catapulted this storied franchise above the rafters where the team’s 16 world championships are draped.

So let’s have at it. I’ll tell you, and then you can tell me if I’m right or just blowing purple and gold smoke.

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