LA Lakers: On Second Thought, Mike Brown Is Perfect Choice for Laker Head Coach

Sometimes a new boss comes in and makes changes simply to make them, to show they're in charge and bring in a new guy that is fully loyal to them. Seems like some of that could be in play if news reports are true and Mike Brown is hired as new head coach by Laker executive Jimmy Buss, son of Laker owner Jerry Buss. Jim is assumed be taking a more active decision-making role on the team from his father now that Phil Jackson has retired.

Brown is best known as the defensive-minded former head coach of LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers. His 2008-09 and 2009-10 teams amassed top regular-season win totals, only to see disappointing early playoff exits. His Cleveland teams were most often criticized for their unimaginative offensive sets, many times it looked to be nothing more than giving LeBron the ball and spread the floor.

Brown never deserved the full blame for the ineffective way the Cavaliers played at the end of tight games because a lot of that has to fall upon LeBron. Let's face it, LeBron is a great player but never known to be clutch. He is known for freezing up and improperly involving teammates in crunch time. He also has never been a hard worker off the ball, not cutting or involving himself in plays once he had made a pass. LeBron also would routinely lock up under pressure in closely contested games while with the Cavaliers, something he has improved since joining the Heat.

However, the Lakers lead star is Kobe Bryant, as clutch a player as there is in the NBA. Kobe can absorb pressure, actively seeks out the ball and generally makes sound decisions in crunch time.

So under Brown, LeBron was a great floor leader the first 46 minutes, but the last two minutes of close games were a different story as LeBron would seize up, either trying to play 1-on-5 and forgetting he had teammates or passing off and not working to establish position to receive a pass back. Brown won't have that problem with Kobe, who comes alive ...

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