LA Lakers News: Why Bringing Derek Fisher Back Would Be a Mistake

As a member of five NBA Championship teams, fans of the L.A. Lakers will always have a soft spot for Derek Fisher. 

But that doesn't mean it'd be a good idea to bring the veteran point guard back. 

At 38, Fisher is no longer a viable option for the Lakers, or any contending team for that matter, as the Thunder found out for themselves in the 2012 Playoffs. 

Earlier this week, NBC Sports' Kurt Helin pointed out a couple of reasons why reacquiring D-Fish would be a mistake for the Lakers. 

Either way, the Lakers should not bring Fisher back. While he hit a few shots for OKC in the playoffs last year (6.2 points per game) it didn’t make up for all the times he was torched on defense. Notice the Thunder didn’t keep him around.

I get that the Lakers don’t love Duhon and Blake (and they would like to save some money), but it’s a simple fact both of them are better than Fisher right now.

It's true that Fisher's winning pedigree and experience are intangibles that would make him a desirable option, but he simply isn't the player he once was. 

Yeah, Kobe Bryant could be lobbying for a reunion with Fisher, but after adding Dwight Howard and Steve Nash to the fold over the summer, the Lakers should wait and see how their revamped lineup looks on the court before adding more complimentary pieces.

While it would be a nice story for Fisher to end his career by winning a sixth title with the Lakers, it won't happen. 

Fisher's time as an effective role player, at least with a contending team, has passed.

That's precisely why the Thunder moved on, and it's also why the Lakers should pass on him if the opportunity presents itself. 

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