LA Lakers Must Become Dwight Howard’s Team Entering 2013 Playoffs

As we draw near the start of the postseason, the Los Angeles Lakers must revolve around Dwight Howard in order to enjoy any type of success. With Kobe Bryant playing the role of primary scorer, quite frankly, the Lakers have struggled.

Between turnovers and low-percentage shots, featuring the former league MVP hasn’t always been the best course of action. Bryant’s been incredibly productive this season, but his monopoly on the offense has occasionally limited its effectiveness.

For instance, in the 38 games where the 17-year veteran has shot the ball 21 times or more, the Lakers have been victorious 15 times (.395 winning percentage). Mind you, in the 37 contests where he’s manufactured 20 or fewer field-goal attempts, the Lakers have 24 wins (.649 winning percentage).

The common misconception is that Bryant’s shot attempts themselves are an issue.

That’s not entirely the case. Often, the four-time All-Star Game MVP has a high volume of shots because of the lack of sophistication in the offense. He ends up with the ball at the back end of the shot clock or simply takes his stab at directing his teammates to create matchups.

The isolations are often a product of Bryant dictating the direction of his team with the ball in his hands. He typically assesses his defender as well as the scheme in place.

The two-time Finals MVP then either beats his man and creates a shot or anticipates the extra defender and finds the favorable matchup. It’s awfully impressive to watch him play maestro in this setting.

But the problem with the tactic is simple: He needs the ball in his hands for the majority of the possession. It’s reminiscent of LeBron James’ days with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Have a look at the video below. Bryant gets the rebound, gets in the half court and waits until the coast is clear for his assault on the rim.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers