LA Lakers-Miami Heat: Which Team Has the Most Arrogant Fans?

The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are heavy favorites to meet in next season's NBA Finals, and fans of both teams have been more than happy to engage in a verbal war touting each team's supremacy.

Fans of other NBA teams have been forced to be unwilling participants in a conversation that not only excludes their franchises as contenders, but also illustrates the level of arrogance of the Heat and Lakers' fanbases.

Lakers fans have long held the reputation as the most arrogant in the NBA and considering the excellence of the franchise over the last two decades, it's not hard to see where the self-absorption stems from.

The Lakers have won 17 NBA championships, participated in more than half of the NBA's Final series, and have only missed the postseason twice since the franchise's inception.

That type of success tends to breed the same kind of arrogance found in fans of other professional sports teams with a history of excellence, such as the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys.

I have followed the Lakers faithfully since 1980, and will be the first person to admit that the same type of arrogance has enveloped me on more than one occassin.

It's easy for fans to fall victim to the trappings of a team's success, but in all honesty, the Lakers' success over the past three seasons have fostered an air of invincibility among some fans.

As a featured columnist for the Lakers sometimes it's hard to point out flaws of the team without being labeled as a traitor, turncoat, or other names which are not suitable to be re-printed here.

I take it all in stride because I understand the fierce loyalty which exists among Lakers fans, and the attitude which causes even the most simple affront to be chalked up as hate.

For years, the Lakers have seemed to hold a monopoly on the title of the NBA's most arrogant fans—until LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chr...

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