LA Lakers, Jim Tressel,Tiki Barber and Tuesday’s Late Sports Buzz

Tiki Barber, the LA Lakers and Jim Tressel are all over the sports headlines on this late Tuesday afternoon, and for good reason.

Barber, the former New York Giants running back, just so happened to retire the year before the Giants went on their improbable run to a Super Bowl victory in 2007.

His post-football life hasn't exactly been ideal: it turned out that he wasn't much of a TV analyst, and his personal life turned into something of a rocky road.

Well, it appears that Barber has had just about enough of this retirement thing, as he has filed papers with the NFL to officially come out of retirement.

No, that's not a joke. is and it isn't, if you get my drift.

Moving on, the Lakers were last seen putting a hurtin' on the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday. They've won all seven of their games since the All-Star break, and they take on the Atlanta Hawks tonight. The game should be a fine appetizer for their tilt with the Miami Heat on Thursday.

And then there's the Jim Tressel situation. As you no doubt have heard, a report from Yahoo! Sports came out on Monday claiming that the Ohio State head football coach knew about the memorabilia scheme that led to a five game suspension at the start of the 2011 season for Terrelle Pryor and four other Buckeyes long before he reported it.

If this is true, the repercussions for both him and Ohio State could be devastating.

Yes sir, 'tis a day of days for big news. To keep up to date with all the latest, just keep it here and we'll keep you posted.

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