LA Lakers Dominate San Antonio Spurs: Just Crown Them Champs Already

If you thought that the old, slow and veteran San Antonio Spurs actually had a shot to win the West, then the Los Angeles Lakers made sure you know that was just a mirage.

Holding the best record in the league just two days after embarrassing the Miami Heat by 30 points, the San Antonio Spurs headed into Sunday afternoon's matchup with the Lakers looking to beat the defending NBA Champs for the third time in three matchups this season.

Then the game started.

San Antonio, who on Friday poured in 36 first quarter points, had all but 37 by halftime against the Lakers on Sunday. The game was over before it even began, with Tony Parker being the only starter in double digit figures. Ginobili scored six and Duncan had two on one-of-seven shooting. Two days after hitting 17 three pointers, the Spurs hit just 7 of 21.

Midway through the third quarter, Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich emptied the bench and the route was on. Although the final score was 99-83, for all intent purposes, the game was over after the first quarter.

The Lakers should be crowned Western Division Champs after embarrassing the first place Spurs in San Antonio, and on the 175th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo no less.

The Lakers blowout loss of the first place Spurs wasn't the dominating headline in the NBA on Sunday however, because the league's headline is the Miami Heat once again lost to a top team.

Or rather, this isn't a surprise to NBA analyst and experts.

Their view of the Spurs is, "yeah it's a nice story, but the Lakers are going to win it all again." A blowout loss like this only reinforces this idea that the Spurs are too small, too old, and too little talented against the mighty Lakers to compete in a seven game series.

However, this is just one game, nothing else. San Antonio lost badly, yet they still own the best record in the league, are up five games on second pl...

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