LA Lakers’ Derek Fisher Is Getting off Easy in the Blame Game

When you look at the Los Angeles Lakers, what do you see?

Do you see a bunch of once championship-spirited, lost souls running up and down the court with no sense of direction? Do you wonder where the spark went and why they could not conjure up that abandoned spirit that put them on a phenomenal post All-Star break, before dropping five straight?

I know what I think about when I envision the once thriving franchise, “Why doesn’t anyone understand that the point guard, also known as the heart of the team, is showing his age on the court, therefore projecting his wilting athletic ability on his team’s ball movement?”

By no means does this statement infer that the losses in the Dallas Mavericks second-round series were solely Derek Fisher’s fault. There is also an in-depth understanding of how close personally and professionally Kobe Bryant is to his longtime teammate. A certain nostalgia sparks when both of them are playing on the court together like it is 2002 again.

But reminiscing has nothing to do with business and as cold as that may sound, Fisher does not move to the same tune he used to. It is not something uncommon in professional sports.

When you reach the peak of your ability, you either level off or begin to deter from what people’s standards of your talent have become. In Derek’s case, he is on a slow ride down the right side of the hill in front of everyone’s eyes. It just seems as if no one is prepared to take him aside and admit it to him.

Not only did Fisher only average 6.8 points, but he only averaged 2.7 assists. If his job is not to distribute the ball and create shots for his men, then what is it? Kobe is supposed to be the team’s leader. That has become the Lakers’ trademark along the years.

However, does that mean that the scope is taken off of the other men wearing similar jerseys? Does that mean th...

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