LA Lakers Coach Mike Brown: 7 Ways Jim Buss Screwed Up the Hiring Process

With Phil Jackson gone and Kobe Bryant entering the twilight of his career, the Los Angeles Lakers are charging head on into a new era under Mike Brown.

News of the former Cleveland Cavaliers coach's hiring struck many as a surprise, both in the haste with which it happened and with the list of other candidates—Rick Adelman and Brian Shaw chief among them—who seemingly were never given a fair shake during the hiring process. 

That, and other pitfalls of the Lakers' hiring process, may be attributed, at least in part, to Lakers president and team-owner-in-waiting Jim Buss. The son of current owner Jerry Buss, Jim has seemingly taken his role as the team's all-powerful decision-maker by the horns, for better or worse.

So why is it, exactly, that fans and pundits are crying foul about Jim Buss' hiring of Mike Brown?

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