LA Lakers Center Robert Sacre Has Incredible Torso Tattoo of Snoop Dogg and DMX

Y'all gon' make Robert Sacre lose his shirt.

Up in here?

Up in here.

Why exactly? To show off the sweet and enormous tattoo he has of Snoop Dogg and DMX on his ribs of course.

Marcel Mutoni of Slam Online tweeted (h/t a picture of the Los Angeles Lakers center putting his ink on full display.

Prominently featured just to the right of his nipple is Snoop Dogg (bet you never thought you'd read that aloud before) along with DMX. 

This work of bodily art is absolutely massive. Gargantuan, even. 

Love it or abhor it, Mr. Irrelevant's tattoo is meticulously detailed and hardly an eyesore.

For those familiar with getting inked up, portraits are extremely difficult pieces to pull off. Duplicating another person's facial features is a laborious process, and one that goes awry more often than you'd realize.

Just ask Scott Versago, a tattoo artist who is credited with fixing what was considered the world's worst ink.

Sacre's portrait poses no such issues, though. It's tastefully and accurately crafted. Both Snoop and DMX look like, well, themselves.

Credit Sacre with sitting through what must have been a strenuous appointment. That part of the torso is one of the most painful to get branded, and here he sits, with a mural-sized portrait of what we can only assume are his idols, or perhaps co-collaborators on his debut rap album.

Either way, kudos to Mr. Sacre. He earned some serious street cred by allowing his body to be used as a canvas for this.

More credit than he's garnered with his play (or lack thereof) on the hardwood, at least.

Let's also credit him with keeping it PG while depicting a dyad of X-rated music moguls.

Not only that, but you can also see this isn't the entire tattoo. It appears to extend well above his chest and even further down his waistline.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers