LA Lakers: Biggest Culprits Behind Lake-Show’s 0-3 Start

The Los Angeles Lakers have dropped to 0-3 to start the season after a 105-95 loss to cross-Staples Center rival Los Angeles Clippers.

Finger-pointing is never an attractive habit, but after a team is winless in three tries after an 0-8 preseason, eyebrows eventually begin to raise.

Starting at the top, the Lakers are simply not getting it done right now. Not one player or strategic situation stands out as stellar over the first three games, and that's a disturbing fact after the amount of money and faith the front office has put in this loaded roster.

From head coach Mike Brown all the way down to the lowly parts of the Laker bench, everyone deserves a share of this blame. However, that's not generally the way blame is split when you're a franchise with the illustrious history of the Lakers, so it's time to see where this team needs to improve to get a win.

Here's a look at the three biggest culprits from this team's 0-3 start, and what each needs to do better as questions start to mount about the ability of these guys to ever play together.


Mike Brown

It's starts at the top, and Brown's hiring was one of the most controversial in the history of the NBA. No one could replace Hall of Famer Phil Jackson, but Brown's offensive strategies are starting to come under fire after the Princeton offense has failed to produce results through three games.

The idea of taking the ball out of Steve Nash's hands, who is one of the NBA's premier shot-creators, is alarming in and of itself. It appears Brown is content with Kobe Bryant continuing to be the focal point of an offense that needs him to take less than 25 shots a game.

Brown has never been great at adjustments. He's described as a player's coach, but that doesn't always breed success when you need to make the tough decisions. Something has to change, whether it be in the locker room or in the fundamental foundation of...

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