LA Lakers: Andrew Bynum Is a Great Player, but Not in a Kobe Bryant Sort of Way

There were several reasons the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Houston Rockets on Friday night, but if you are searching for one defining moment to explain the loss, look no further than center Andrew Bynum's ejection early in the fourth quarter.

Bynum is making a habit of getting thrown out of close games against the Rockets, and not coincidentally, the Lakers have lost both times it has happened.

The most recent incident began late in the third quarter when Bynum took exception to a routine foul from Rockets center Samuel Dalembert.

Bynum drew a technical for mouthing off at Dalembert, and he later earned his second after turning to the Rockets bench and again mouthing off after a made basket.

At least this time Bynum made his way directly to the locker room instead of taking time to mingle with the fans sitting courtside.

The loss does not fall solely on Bynum's shoulders since most of the Lakers turned in a less than inspiring performance, but it was an important turn of events, and even the Rockets acknowledged that.

Via "It changed a lot," Houston coach Kevin McHale said. "Bynum was a guy we had to double-team and focus a lot on the defensive end to try to get the ball out of his hands."

McHale's brief statement after the game did little justice to describing how the remaining energy was sucked out of the building as Bynum exited the court.

The Lakers had just pulled within one point at 84-83 when Bynum was ejected, and after briefly capturing a one-point lead, it was pretty much downhill the rest of the way.

Bynum, aided by a period of good health, has blossomed into a legitimate NBA star this season. The only problem is he knows it but hasn't developed the maturity level needed to handle it.

Bynum's transgressions have certainly hurt his team, and his childish behavior in critical moments should silence ...

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