LA Lakers 2000-Birth of a Dynasty

The game that changed it all.



Let's take it back, way back. Before Dallas ended Phil Jackson's reign this year and before a Pau Gasol trade brought some gold back to the sunshine of California's favourite team. Way, way back, even before after taking three, the departure of Shaquille O'Neal led to the death of a dynasty. Let's take it back to when the dynasty began, back in the new millennium, were the Lakers were given new players, new uniforms and a new arena.

It all looked so good with this forum of talent and purple and gold promise. All that stood in the new Los Angeles Lakers and their new beginning was Larry Bird (again), fellow hot-shooter Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers. After five hard-fought, back-and-forth tempo games in STAPLES and the Conseico Fieldhouse in Indiana, the series came back to L.A. for a crucial Game 6. What could be more fitting?


This is Larry Bird's last game as a head coach and just like when he was a player, tonight in California he's about to witness some magic that's going to leave him with nothing left to pull out the bag.

The STAPLES Centre is electric (it looks like everyone's got those inflatable free-throw batons) and LOUD! I guess Shaq provided them lozenges he promised, the usual cool and calm Hollywood crowd is on it sensing their first championship since the '80s, as Shaq et al look to taste the champagne of the stars. Even Salma Hayek and Edward Norton are flexing courtside. IT'S SHOWTIME BABY!

Kobe (or "Fro'be" as he was back then) Bryant is showing some vintage young-man/Jordanesque moves as he wildly goes to the basket with that youthful passion and exuberance although the rim tames his shot, Shaq's put-back punishes it in return. GAME ON!

Dale Davis is scrapping and hustling, Reggie's acting like he's in the Garden and ...

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