L.A. Lakers: Why Mike Brown Works as Head Coach

The Lakers hired former Cavaliers coach Mike Brown to coach the purple and gold starting next season, replacing legendary head coach Phil Jackson.

There have been numerous articles written on Bleacher Report on why Brown's tenure in Los Angeles is destined to fail.

Before jumping to such negative conclusions, let's take a step back and look at this situation with some perspective.

First off, Brown has experience coaching alpha males. He won 61 games with LeBron James and he knows how to deal with superstars. He also coached Shaquille O'Neal and was able to win 60 games in the regular season.

More importantly, Kupchak knows what he's doing. This isn't a Donald Sterling hire. This is a Buss and Kupchak hire. The Buss family and Mitch Kupchak have had a great track record with the Lakers in everything they have done in the last decade. It's not an accident that they've won five championships. Granted, these championships were under one coach, but have some faith in the Lakers front office. It's not like they're blindly hiring someone.

So why did they make this hire?

The obvious answer is that Brown is a great defensive head coach and in order to win titles the Lakers need to step up defensively. They have the pieces in Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum to have teams with stifling defenses.

More importantly, the Lakers made this hire because of LeBron. The Lakers' main rival in the next five years if they want to win championships is going to be the Miami Heat. Brown coached LeBron and he may know his in-game tendencies more than anybody else. He's coached him so he's probably the best person who has the most information on how to coach against him.

Once again, Kupchak knows what he's doing. We saw the last time Phil Jackson left that it's not always smart to replace a legend with another legend. The Lakers hired Rudy Tomjanovich and he ended up resigning. There was very littl...

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