L.A. Lakers Who Should Receive Less Playing Time

It's no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers are old, and with age comes plenty of minutes played.

Minutes played is a great indicator of veteran experience, but can also be looked at as wear and tear.

For the Lakers, this is noticeably true.

Kobe Bryant (43,665), Steve Nash (36,422), Antawn Jamison (36,263), Pau Gasol (29,458), and Metta World Peace (28,922) all have played near or above 30,000 career minutes.

All these guys are definitely seasoned, but as the Lakers 15-18 record shows, the wear and tear has been a factor.

Kobe called the Lakers an "old damn team" and it's tough to argue with Kobe on that.

What's even more troubling for the Lakers is how many minutes some of these older players are playing per game this season.

Kobe is at 39 MPG, Nash is playing 32.6 and MWP is averaging 34.8.

Sure they need these guys to play, but at what cost? All these minutes are bound to add up as the season progresses.

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