L.A. Lakers: What Moves Do They Make This Offseason?

The L.A. Lakers' season is done, and now the only thing left to do is look toward the future of this storied franchise.

Much speculation has already taken place as to what should be done with this Laker squad before next season, including team vice president Magic Johnson suggesting that the current team should be "blown up." While that remains an option, not everyone agrees that it's the right one.

Kobe Bryant could be quoted from his exit interview saying, “If you’re asking me do I believe we can come back and win it again, I absolutely believe that."

The truth of the matter is something must be done, and my guess is that we will be seeing lots of changes in Laker Land before they play another game. The only question now is what changes need to be made to turn this Laker squad back in to a well-oiled machine?

The obvious change coming their way is at the coaching helm. Phil Jackson has reiterated that he is finished coaching, and now a replacement has to be found. Every other possible change is subjective at this point. If you asked 1,000 Laker fans what needs to be changed, you would get nearly 1,000 different answers.

I am here today to give you my opinion on what needs to be done with the current Laker roster. I feel that if the following changes are made, then rumors of the Lakers fall from dominance will be greatly exaggerated.

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