L.A. Lakers: Watch Old Man Kobe Bryant Show off at Basketball Camp

Anyone who watched the L.A. Lakers in the 2011 playoffs knows Kobe Bryant can still dunk, as Bryant posterized Emeka Okafor against the New Orleans Hornets in Game 5 of the first round.

After just recently having knee surgery though, one would think Kobe would have to ease back into the high-flying. 

What rehab?  

As Bryant was being hyped up by everyone at the Kobe Academy, he threw down a 360 slam—and to think he actually waited for all of his campers to get out of the way.  Who does that?

Seeing Kobe’s takeoff gives some hope to Lakers fans. The Black Mamba turns 33 this August, so he’s definitely in the second half of his career. He wasn’t right physically last season, but a full-strength Kobe in 2012 could mean the Lakers’ current dynasty isn’t over just yet.

If his knee is 100 percent healed, playing over in Europe this summer could do him some good.  When NBA players compete in the Olympics or in FIBA over the summer, they’re always a step ahead of the competition when they return because they’re already in great shape.

Using the international ball as a warm-up for the regular season, along with receiving some extra rest from the lockout, Kobe should be in position to continue putting up big numbers.

And when I say continue, I mean continue to be at the top of the league.

Fans may see Bryant’s decrease in scoring average from 27.0 in 2010 to 25.3 in 2011 and point to his decline. The fact is, his numbers didn’t take a dip because his age is catching up with him, but because he played less minutes. Kobe actually led the entire NBA in scoring per 48 minutes this season, but he played five minutes less a game than Kevin Durant and LeBron James did.

Kobe may be an older man, but he can still take his younger competitors to school.


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