L.A. Lakers vs Miami Heat: Who Has the Edge?

Kobe vs. Lebron? This debate has raged on for years, no doubt leaving respective fans of each player with tired lungs. Who's the better player? I can't answer that, or rather, it's irrelevant at this point. Success for the individual is now completely associated with team achievement.

The NBA has long been a league about stats, but now, winning championships has become more centralized, especially for star players.

Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James and even Dwight Howard all left or will leave their original franchises for the chance to win that elusive ring. Also, the big markets they landed in sure didn't hurt their individual brands.

Rather than compare Mr. Bryant and Lebron James as individuals, it is far more efficient to analyze and contrast their respective teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. More specifically, I will focus on the positional battles that could make this potential finals matchup one for the ages. 

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