L.A. Lakers Trade Rumors: Kobe Bryant Should Not Be Lakers’ Leader

The Los Angeles Lakers are sticking by their No. 1 guy.

Who wouldn’t?

Kobe Bryant is the sixth all-time scorer in the history of the game, and without a doubt has been sitting forefront in the car leading the franchise throughout Western Conference domination. With some assistance from those around him in similar jerseys, Kobe Bryant has been able to achieve some pretty miraculous things.

But this is still one of the more competitive sports in athletics.

The game is ever-changing and there are always younger options to replace the greater competitors of yesterday. The stars of tomorrow are waiting to be crowned and be able to take charge of already established dynasties like that of the L.A. Lakers.

The problem lies in the fact that neither the fans nor the organization will let go of the leadership of one of the most marketable men on the planet. I am not saying that he should be counted out, but maybe the Lakers should be looking more towards the future than grasping onto Bryant’s wilting numbers and performance of the past.

Do not count Kobe out completely. But there needs to be many more dynamic players around him than before. Next season, he will not always be the team’s leading performer and no one should expect him to be.  Even after the fact being proven time and time again, everyone looks to Bryant to close out games with scoring spurts that he rarely exudes anymore.

When he does take a handle of the ball and tries to outperform his previous quarters, it means less and less to a victory than ever before.

Pau Gasol’s collapse would have meant zilch if Kobe Bryant was able to carry the team on his own. In Game 4 of the Western Conference Playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks, Bryant would have been able to score more than 17 points on 7-of-18 field-goal shooting.

Kobe will be the Lakers’ landmark player, but he can no lo...

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