L.A. Lakers Trade Rumors: Is Gerald Wallace on the Team’s Radar?

Most observers feel the Los Angeles Lakers will need to make a deal before the NBA trading deadline if they hope to defend their league championship.

Assunming that theory is correct, which player available could help the Lakers reach that goal?

Most of the NBA's attention has been focused on Carmelo Anthony and his potential landing spot; although the Lakers have shown minor interest in Anthony, the prospects of acquiring him are slim.

But there is another small forward who could help the Lakers who's likely to be less expensive than Anthony, and he could address more of the team's needs.

Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace's name has been previously mentioned in numerous trade speculation and there were even rumors about a possible swap with the Lakers for forward Ron Artest.

I doubt that Bobcats owner Michael Jordan would part with the talents of Wallace for a straight up deal for Artest, but the Lakers do have other pieces that could make a deal attractive.

Point guard Steve Blake could be dangled as bait, as could injured forward Matt Barnes, but more importantly, if the Lakers really want Wallace, they could probably seal the deal without parting with Andrew Bynum.

Most of the Laker trade speculation swirling around Anthony involved a deal for Bynum, but the Lakers would risk losing their dynamic post advantage by parting with Bynum.

And the Lakers potentially stand to gain much more in terms of production from Wallace anyway.

Wallace does not have Anthony's impressive scoring numbers, but he is a better rebounder and a far superior defender.

What really stands out about Wallace though is his energy and athleticism, and the potential to inject life into the lethargic Lakers.

Wallace plays like every minute is his last, and that sense of urgency has been missing from the Lakers as of late.

Unlike Anthony, Wallace d...

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