L.A. Lakers To Deal Makers: 5 Players the Los Angeles Lakers Should Acquire

Recently, Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak mentioned he would consider a trade, given his team's recent struggles. Head coach Phil Jackson has said they need someone that would help them offensively, while Lakers legend Jerry West believes they need someone that would help their aging squad defensively.

If the Lakers were to acquire an offensive player, they would need one who has the ability to make plays for others and/or score in isolation situations (either when Kobe is taking a breather or Phil Jackson wants Kobe to stop freezing out his own teammates) but can also support Kobe. They have nobody like that. 

Defensively, Jerry West thinks younger legs would benefit them, and I agree. This would probably be in the backcourt, where Shannon Brown is the only guard below the age of 30. Ron Artest and Matt Barnes are also aging, yes, but they are great perimeter defenders and usually benefit the Lakers on that side of the court. With the twin towers combination of Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol (as well as shot-blocking veteran Theo Ratliff on the bench), the Lakers typically have very few problems in the paint, so no problems there.

Some important things to remember are the Lakers have very little financial flexibility given the size of some of their contracts, and the Lakers are also very deep. Their rotation is only nine-men deep when everybody is healthy, but those nine players are very talented, and there isn't much playing time to go around. The tight rotation needs to stay very close to the way it is right now.

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