L.A. Lakers: The Lakers Are 2013 Title Favorites, According to Chris Bosh

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is known for giving honest interviews and wearing his emotions on his sleeve, but the 2012 NBA champion raised more than a few eyebrows by voicing aloud what most other players in the league are thinking, but are afraid to say.

In a recent interview with WQAM (via ProBasketBallTalk) Bosh said the Los Angeles Lakers have the league's best team in the west and probably in the league, at least on paper after adding Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the offseason

What was so hard about that?

The Lakers dominant summer has been well documented and dissected but for some reason league analysts and players seem afraid to acknowledge what should be the sum result of all the Lakers recent moves.

Bosh should be commended for pointing out the obvious.

I can't ever recall any team fielding a starting lineup outside of the 2003-04 Lakers that is comprised of four future Hall of Famers, but unlike that thrown together version that still reached the NBA Finals, this team has a chance to be legendary, at least on paper.

But until the 2012-13 season starts everything concerning the league is relegated to the status of "on paper", but if awards were given out to the NBA's most dominant offseason lineup, the Lakers would definitely win the trophy, so why is everyone so scared to say it.

When Kevin Durant and James Harden were asked to comment on the Lakers new-found fortune during the Jimmy Fallon show, Harden responded with a nonchalant "good for them", and when LeBron James was asked to comment during the Olympics he dismissed the question with a wave of his hand.

Sometimes what a player doesn't say means more than words ever could, but it's nice for a player like Bosh to come along and give the average fan a little perspective.

Anyone with common sense can look at the Lakers roster and surmise that it is probably the most talented in ...

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